In Memory of Carol Wilder

Arlington, Virginia

I had the most wonderful Cardinal Experience early in the morning after letting my dogs outside. While waiting for them on my front porch, I could hear a cardinal chirping but was unable to see it. I finally spotted the female cardinal of a pair that reside in my yard. She was off in the distance and hiding in one of the evergreen trees along my driveway.

I began chirping back to her and held out my hand in her direction to see if she would fly to me, hoping she might even land on my finger. She did not, but she continued chirping away and looking toward my direction.

After my dogs joined me on the porch, I scooped up Ally and held her facing the cardinal so they could see each other. Ally was my mom’s dog, and she joined our family after my mom passed away about a year and a half ago. I pointed at the cardinal and told Ally that mom was visiting us. Suddenly, the cardinal flew across the driveway and landed in the tree directly in front of us! She was just a few feet away and at eye level. She was hopping around and chirping for several minutes before flying away.

I’m not quite sure what Ally thought, but it certainly made my day!

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