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leesah marie noon


Leesah Marie Noon is the creator of Caring Cardinals® as well as the author and photographer of Caring Cardinals: Nature’s Gift for Inner Peace. Caring Cardinals® and Leesah share the same purpose, which is to inspire the bereaved to discover inner peace through the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals. These magnificent creatures are embraced by countless individuals as spiritual messengers sent by our loved ones in Heaven.

In early 2012, Leesah experienced a rather lengthy period of grieving after the sudden loss of a dear friend. In an attempt to comfort his family, she drew his portrait, but their grief made it too difficult to display. Leesah remained silently determined to discover a new way for comforting the bereaved. Several months later, she was blessed with a Cardinal Experience in Florida that provided her with an immediate sense of inner peace. Upon returning home, she was visited by yet another red cardinal. These events caused her heart and mind to collide, creating a vision for comforting the bereaved.

During the next two years, she performed extensive research, captured hundreds of cardinal photographs and wrote her first book titled Caring Cardinals: Nature's Gift for Inner Peace. Leesah's inner peace was tested before the book’s completion after the unexpected death of her father. Within a week's time, a bright red cardinal began to visit her home every morning. Her father's spirit provided the strength she needed to persevere in ways she never imagined were possible. While Caring Cardinals was in production, Leesah captured new cardinal photographs, developed unique cardinal products and created a comforting website for the bereaved. While Caring Cardinals and its ancillary products are now flying into the arms of many, Leesah is continuing to capture cardinal photographs year-round for future books relating to the same subject.

Leesah finds it difficult to believe she has been coloring the world around her for over 50 years! She and her three siblings were raised by their parents, Richard and Barbara Noon in Southeastern Michigan. By age two, Leesah's father discovered her artistic talent in their home on walls, furniture and occasionally her sister’s legs. By age three, she attended her first art class at a community college; the only child in an all-adult classroom. Throughout her childhood, Leesah received many awards and prizes for her illustrations. By age 18, she was creating penciled portraits admired by others such as Lou Holtz and Sports Illustrated®. Several of Leesah's portraits were published and received awards, one of which was honored and displayed in the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. After attending college, Leesah served valuable roles in Marketing, Operations, Administration and Human Resources for a major pizza corporation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Almost 13 years later, she was recruited by another major pizza franchise located in Birmingham, Alabama. For the next several years, Leesah developed their marketing department and provided direct support to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. 

Leesah currently lives with her family in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She enjoys creative writing, capturing photographs, training her Goldendoodle named Karma, and spending time with her two sons. She no longer has time for penciled portraits, but she is content as John Mayer, Jim Shore and Paul McCartney were the three final subjects who blessed her drawing board.