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Cardinals are beloved birds everywhere. Whether they symbolize love, loyalty or are embraced as spiritual messengers from the spirit world, they have played countless roles in mythology and literature through the centuries. Take the time to read this page and discover why the beauty of red cardinals extends far beyond their stunning red feathers and unique crest!


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Cardinal ExperienceS

A Cardinal Experience is defined as the moment a red cardinal appears unexpectedly during a difficult time or even during a celebration.  If you have experienced a loss and were blessed by a Cardinal Experience, please share your story with us via our Contact page. We would love to share your beautiful story in our growing collection of Cardinal Experiences with hopes of inspiring others to also embrace red cardinals as their source for inner peace.

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good luck

Northern cardinals do not migrate and therefore become a year-round blessing for many individuals throughout the United States and in parts of Canada and Mexico. In Native American lore, the number 12 is considered lucky. If a cardinal is seen, it is believed that individual will have good luck either at noon, midnight or within 12 days of the sighting.



Cardinals are incredibly loyal creatures. They mate for life and develop a close bond with their young. This begins before the eggs even hatch, as there is always one parent guarding their nest at all times. Both male and female feed their young and play a role with showing them how to fly and hunt for food.

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These devoted little creatures mate for life and with their vibrant red feathers, they have become symbols for romantic love. While flowers and chocolates are popular for Valentine’s Day, a cardinal gift for your loved one will become a cherished gift for a lifetime!

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Spiritual Messengers

Symbolic signs appear in many forms, but the red cardinal has long been embraced as the most notable spiritual messenger who has been sent by our loved ones in Heaven to watch over us. To this day, red cardinals are one of the most common spiritual signs that people receive from Heaven. The word cardinal comes from the Latin word cardo which means hinge. The cardinal is serving as the hinge on the doorway between Earth and Spirit, delivering messages back and forth. Cardinal-themed gifts for an adult or child who has experienced a loss are truly meaningful and become treasured gifts for a lifetime.