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Each year, over eight million people in America suffer the death of someone close to them. Fortunately, there are support groups across the country represented by caring individuals who provide wonderful coping strategies. In addition to their support, we believe the soul needs more care.

Red cardinals are embraced by many individuals as spiritual messengers sent by loved ones in Heaven to watch over us. These magnificent creatures are one of the most common spiritual signs people receive from Heaven today.

The purpose of Caring Cardinals® is to comfort and inspire the bereaved to discover inner peace through the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals. Based on an overwhelming number of stories reported across the country, we have learned that red cardinals are providing exactly what the soul needs – a genuine sense of inner peace.

Our website has many wonderful features for the bereaved, such as a memorial page, real-life Cardinal Experiences, interesting cardinal facts, suggestions for creating an ideal cardinal habitat, stunning cardinal photographs and more. The HEART of our gift shop is a spiritual and inspirational gift book titled Caring Cardinals: Nature's Gift for Inner Peace by Leesah Marie Noon. Caring Cardinals was also blessed by Artist Jim Shore who penned it's heartfelt Foreword. We offer a variety of memorial gifts which include unique cardinal gift boxes, cardinal jewelry, memorial jewelry and memorial favors. We also offer photographs, bookmarks, cards and magnets featuring cardinal photographs. Caring Cardinals® gifts and products are ideal for men, women and children who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Please visit our online gift shop to learn more about how we can help you give the gift of inner peace year-round.


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For those who are unfamiliar with the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals, this is definitely the page to visit before any other. The spiritual symbolism of red cardinals and Cardinal Experiences are defined, and you will soon discover the spiritual significance of a red cardinal is far more beautiful that their stunning red feathers and crown.

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Leesah Marie Noon is the creator of Caring Cardinals® as well as the author and photographer of Caring Cardinals: Nature’s Gift for Inner Peace. Leesah experienced a lengthy period of grieving after the sudden loss of a close friend. Several months later, she was blessed with a Cardinal Experience in Florida that provided her with an immediate sense of inner peace. Upon returning home, she was visited by yet another red cardinal. These events caused Leesah's heart and mind to collide, resulting in a vision for how she could help others cope who had also suffered a loss. What began as a spiritual and inspirational gift book evolved into so much more. Leesah's passion for this subject is the reason her vision is now a reality for the bereaved. Writing and capturing photographs for Caring Cardinals was a difficult journey, but she certainly persevered. To learn more, please visit Leesah's AUTHOR page.


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Based on an overwhelming number of stories from individuals across the country, we have learned something truly fascinating. Quite often, a little red cardinal is the only thing that can provide what our soul needs … a genuine sense of inner peace. Caring Cardinals: Nature's Gift for Inner Peace is a memorial gift book created by Author and Photographer Leesah Marie Noon. This heartwarming gift book was also blessed by Artist Jim Shore who penned its truly eloquent and heartfelt Foreword. Caring Cardinals begins with memorial page designed to honor a loved one with their name and a special photograph. Stunning cardinal photographs are paired alongside interesting cardinal facts, comforting words of inspiration and suggestions for creating an ideal habitat. Attracting cardinals often becomes a year-round blessing as they are not known to migrate. The author’s uplifting poetry and beautiful photographs placed throughout this book produce emotions of hope, love, and inspiration. Visit our book reviews page and you will learn why Caring Cardinals has become a treasured gift across the country for adults and children who have experienced the loss of someone special.


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The Caring Cardinals® online gift shop offers a variety of cardinal gifts and cards. We can ship anywhere in the United States and can also ship directly to gift recipients. Visit our gift shop to learn more!


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Each season will begin with an exciting new giveaway for our customers who make a purchase during the promotional periods. Giveaways will be announced via Cardinal Chatter and social media, so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will also hold exclusive giveaways for Cardinal Chatter subscribers throughout the year.

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Our main photo gallery features stunning cardinal photographs captured by Author and Photographer Leesah Marie Noon, which she has paired alongside inspirational quotes and phrases. We also have a gallery featuring the Cardinal Life Cycle. Follow Caring Cardinals® on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to view an endless collection of stunning cardinal photographs!


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Learn interesting cardinal facts and obtain suggestions for creating an ideal habitat. Cardinals do not migrate, so once they build their home near yours, the blessings will come throughout each season year after year. To learn more, please visit our CARDINAL FACTS page.

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A Cardinal Experience is defined as the moment a red cardinal appears unexpectedly after the death of a loved one. This often occurs during a difficult time or while you are celebrating a special occasion. We hope you are comforted while reading our stories that have been submitted by people just like you. If you have been blessed by a Cardinal Experience, please allow us to add your heartwarming story to our collection. 

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From the moment of picking up her first crayon, our author remembers the praise and encouragement she received from her father. His passion and talent for photography were extraordinary, which is why she was so excited to share her book with him. Sadly, Leesah's inner peace was certainly tested after the unexpected passing of her father. Caring Cardinals is dedicated to Richard H. Noon, whose spirit remained nearby and provided Leesah with the strength to persevere in ways she never imagined were possible. Although he never had an opportunity to read her book, it warms her heart knowing that many others will.

Caring Cardinals® would like to honor the memory of your loved ones as well. Visit our IN MEMORY OF page to learn more.


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Our blog is titled Inner Peace with Caring Cardinals and features real-life Cardinal Experiences, photographs and other interesting information related to one of God’s most magnificent creatures … the cardinal.

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