In 2012, Author and Photographer Leesah Marie Noon experienced the unexpected death of a dear friend and suffered a rather lengthy grieving period as a result. Several months later she was blessed by a Cardinal Experience in Florida and upon returning to her home in Pennsylvania, she was visited by yet another red cardinal. These events inspired her vision for helping others who had also experienced a loss. As a result, Leesah combined writing and photography to create Caring Cardinals: Nature's Gift for Inner Peace, a spiritual and inspirational gift book for the bereaved. This book was also blessed by Artist Jim Shore who penned the heartfelt and eloquent Foreword. 

Caring Cardinals provides a simple yet powerful way for the bereaved to discover inner peace through the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals. This heart-healing book honors the memory of a loved one with its first page designed to personalize with a name and special photograph. Leesah's heartfelt words and stunning photography produce such powerful emotions for those who have suffered a loss. Suggestions are also provided for attracting cardinals, which can become a year-round blessing since these magnificent creatures are not known to migrate. This beautiful book is like no other and will become a treasured gift for any adult or child who has lost someone special. 

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