In Memory of Eddie A. DeFriend

Bossier City, Louisiana

It was a very rainy day in April 2017 when my Daddy passed. My husband, sister and I had been visiting with him all day at the hospital and left around 5:30 in the evening. The hospital’s front entrance featured a half circle drive that was completely covered with a large awning. As we exited the front door, I silently asked God to give me a sign so I would know that he had come and taken my sweet Daddy home.

While standing quietly out front, we just stared at each other with extreme sadness and grief. All of a sudden, two beautiful red cardinals flew side by side under the awning and directly in front of us! It was the most extraordinarily peaceful and reassuring blessing I could have ever imagined!

I know there is a God. He held our hands and warmed our hearts on this very special day. I still see red cardinals in my backyard often, and sometimes it is even two males together. In my heart and mind … I know it is God and my Daddy checking in on me.

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