In Memory of Dan Triezenberg

Orland Park, Illinois

I live in a condominium and always hear the birds chirping and singing, but never see them. My dear friend Kim created a bright and beautiful flower garden on my balcony for comfort while my son Dan was dying from Cancer.

One day while looking outside, I saw a gorgeous red cardinal resting on a bush near my balcony. He looked directly at me and then flew away. I felt it was a sign from God that Dan was going to Heaven soon, and it gave me such an overwhelming sense of peace. On this very same day although in Florida, my friend’s daughter had a red cardinal fly into her office building! He also looked directly at her and then flew away. This was yet another special message from the Lord that my son would soon be in Heaven.

Just two days later, my son lost his battle with Cancer.

I think of Dan often and miss his presence, but my caring cardinal has provided me with peace and comfort that will never leave my heart.

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