In Memory of Rose Pizzitola

Canyon Lake, Texas

One week after my sister Rose passed away, my son and his family came to visit for comfort. My six-year old granddaughter was up early one morning enjoying her breakfast while I drank my coffee. The rest of our family was still asleep. Suddenly in a surprised and startling voice, my granddaughter said, “Grandma — There’s a redbird on the rail!” Resting on the handrail of my deck was a bright red cardinal. I replied, “Yes, that is Aunt Rosie letting us know that she is in Heaven; she is alright, and she is happy.”

A little while later her mother woke up and joined us. My granddaughter jumped up from her chair and exclaimed, “Mommy — Aunt Rosie was here!” Her mother looked at me with a bewildered expression on her face. I quickly explained that my sister Rose had sent a red cardinal as a messenger to let me know she was safe, happy and in Heaven.

Every single day for the next week, a vibrant redbird sat in a tree next to my deck. It was seldom that I had seen a red cardinal before that time. Rose loved to sit inside and watch the birds through windows. She also had a wonderful book about birds and enjoyed looking at it often. It was only fitting that she would send a red cardinal to let me know she was alright. I miss her so much but love when she sends me a Rosie Redbird!

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