In Memory of Sandra L. Glover

Knoxville, Tennessee

I currently live in my parents' home in Knoxville, Tennessee. My Mother died in 1982 and Father died in 1998. Both parents loved seeing the cardinal family that lived in a bush right outside my bedroom window. They built several nests and raised numerous baby birds over the years. Perhaps I took this cardinal family for granted as I did not realize cardinals are known to mate for life.

On October 8th in 2018, my best friend Sandy passed away. I miss her terribly as we talked at least once a day, every day, for multiple years. One day a beautiful female cardinal landed on my windowsill. With tears in my eyes, I said, "Sandy!" The cardinal remained there for several minutes and stared at me as if she wanted to talk. I have been blessed by this moment repeatedly, as she visits me every morning and throughout the day, just as I had stayed in contact with my best friend Sandy!

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