by Lauren Lucerne

In January 2012, Leesah Marie Noon drew a pencil portrait of her dear friend Larry after he passed away suddenly. She gifted it to his parents for comfort, but extreme grief prevented them from displaying it. This left Leesah silently determined to find a special way for comforting the bereaved. Several months later, Leesah was blessed with two Cardinal Experiences, resulting in her vision for Caring Cardinals® which has evolved significantly.

• Memorial Gift Book Caring Cardinals: Nature’s Gift for Inner Peace by Leesah Marie Noon has become a treasured gift for adults and children across the country. Leesah dedicated Caring Cardinals to her father, a professional photographer who sadly passed away shortly before it was published. She has no words to describe her pain, but feels his spirit remained by her side to help her persevere.

• The Caring Cardinals® website has many wonderful features, all of which embrace the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals: A memorial page to honor your loved ones, Real-life Cardinal Experiences, Photo Gallery, Gift Shop, Book Reviews, Interesting Facts and More.

• Leesah’s beautiful cardinal photographs appear in many places: Her gift book, social media, our website, Custom Memorial Photos, greeting cards, photo prints, bookmarks, magnets and many new products to come based on your repeated requests!

• Leesah continues to capture cardinal photographs throughout each season and is drafting the next several Caring Cardinals® gift books.

• The USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Organization) recently approved the brand name, logo design and Cardinal Gift Sets for Caring Cardinals™️.

There are so many beautiful things to come! Thank you TO EACH OF YOU for your genuine praise and continued support!


Caring Cardinals®