In Memory of Barbara Ellen Johnson

Jackson, Mississippi

Many people believe that a red cardinal symbolizes a loved one who has passed away. Some also believe when you see one, you are being visited by your loved one in Heaven. My Mom would say this quite often, but I never realized just how serious she was about her beliefs. She would often see a red cardinal and tell me it was her mother whom we called “Grandmere.”

After my Mom passed away in March of 2016, I naturally looked for red cardinals in our yard. I saw several, but they did not make me feel any better. A few days after her passing, my wife and I arrived home after attending church. As we entered through our front door, a bold red cardinal flew inside our home as well! Several minutes later, my wife was able to capture the beautiful little redbird. We captured a photograph and quickly released him outside. I cannot remember a bird entering our home before this.

I never claimed to understand the world, but it certainly looks far different to me now and I sleep much better at night.

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