In Memory of Marlene Trudy Scheid

Cincinnati, Ohio

In April of 2012, my Mom was diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer and unfortunately, lost her battle on July 14th that same year. As my Mom’s health was failing, we started to see a red cardinal in her backyard almost every time we looked outside. My Mom was convinced it was her brother, my Uncle Jack, who had passed away eight years prior. She believed it was his spirit visiting to comfort her and to also bring her home. This was the first time I learned about what red cardinals symbolize.

After my Mom passed away, the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals was confirmed many times and I learned it is both magical and real. I believe it wholeheartedly, because I have been blessed by red cardinals daily since my Mom’s passing. No matter where I am, a little red cardinal appears, such as in my yard, at the park, at a ballgame and even flying in front of my car as I drive down the street. I know it is her and just can't help but smile each time and say, "Hi Mom."

In April of 2018, my son and daughter-in-law blessed us with our first grandchild, Hannah Paige. I was at my son's house visiting one day shortly after Hannah was born. We walked across the street to show her to their neighbors. As we stood on their porch, I glanced at my son's yard and then told him to look on his fence. What was there? A red cardinal. I then said, "Grandma came to see Hannah too." Seconds later, the cardinal flew across the street into the neighbor’s yard and landed in a tree not more than ten feet from us. All we could do was smile at each other.

In February of 2019, my daughter and son-in-law gifted us with our second grandchild, this time a boy, Colton Jack. The moment my daughter became pregnant, she saw red cardinals in her back yard daily. Colton was born two months premature and after he was brought home, a red cardinal began to visit daily. The cardinal rested under the awning of their back patio, perched just a few feet from their kitchen window. I told my daughter the red cardinal is her Grandma and she is watching over her and Colton. She feels the very same way.

The presence of this red cardinal has been so comforting and is a gift we hold in our hearts, not our hands. There is no other explanation for why a red cardinal visited us during these special moments. We look forward to more unexpected visits from our little red friend and each time we will share a special smile.

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