In Memory of Junior Loughead

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

My dad passed away on February 7, 2019 and the weekend before his funeral, my mom and I were at home, not feeling up to even going to church. My dad always saw deer while sitting on their back deck. My mom and I went outside to sit, and I silently wondered if my dad would find a way to show us his deer.

He did not. Instead, he sent us at least six male and female cardinals! We sat and watched them for a very long time. My mom said she had never seen that many cardinals together at one time.

Ever since my father passed, I have had cardinals nesting in my backyard. This summer alone, we have been blessed with six beautiful cardinal babies. Fortunately, we have been able to watch the nest from afar and observe every stage from the baby cardinals hatching to when they left the nest and learned to fly. I have many photographs of the babies as nestlings, fledglings as well as their incredible parents!

I believe my dad sending these wonderful cardinals to let me know he is still around and watching over me! I miss you and love you, Dad!

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