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A Cardinal Experience is defined as the moment a red cardinal appears unexpectedly after the loss of a loved one. This may occur while you are experiencing a difficult time or even as you are celebrating a special occasion. Numerous real-life Cardinal Experiences have been reported across the country. We hope you enjoy our growing collection of real-life Cardinal Experiences which we find both heartwarming and inspirational. If you have been blessed by a Cardinal Experience, please consider allowing us to feature it on our website.



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My Feathered Friend.jpg

In Memory of Lawrence “Larry” Day

Orlando, Florida

After experiencing the sudden loss of a close friend, I endured a lengthy period of grieving. Larry and I shared several mutual friends and years of hilarious memories. I drew his portrait as a gift to comfort his family, but their extreme grief prevented them from displaying it. I completely understood but felt quietly determined to discover a new way for comforting the bereaved.

Several months after his passing, Larry’s parents invited my family to join them in Florida for a much-needed vacation. One afternoon while relaxing at the resort pool, I began to share one of my favorite Larry Memories with his parents. In the middle of my story, a magnificent red cardinal flew over the swimming pool and landed onto our balcony. There were over 100 balconies, yet he chose ours! We sat quietly in awe and stared at the cardinal for several minutes before he flew away.

For the first time since Larry’s passing, this beautiful moment provided us with a true sense of inner peace. Although my photograph is extremely blurry, the memory of this moment will remain crystal clear forever.

This Cardinal Experience was the initial inspiration for Caring Cardinals®. Larry was a dear friend of Author and Photographer Leesah Marie Noon. She feels the quality of the moment far outweighs the quality of the photo. We agree!

A Shoo-in For Special Signs.jpg

In Memory of Beverly Caniglia

Royersford, Pennsylvania

My beautiful mother passed away three years ago the day after Thanksgiving. Losing her was extremely difficult because we had such a wonderful mother-daughter relationship. She is always on my mind, but more often around the holidays. Just a few days after the anniversary of her passing, I was walking down the hall toward my classroom when suddenly, I stepped on something and became lodged in the bottom of my shoe. I continued walking, reached my classroom and quickly sat down amongst the students. There were several little faces surrounding me as I attempted to remove a tiny object from the base of my shoe. After a few minutes, I was finally able to pry it out, only to discover it was a tiny red cardinal with a metal prong. I was in complete disbelief and wonder what was bigger – the smile on my face or the smile in my heart. My amazing mother always had such a great sense of humor and this was definitely a shoo-in for one of her best and most meaningful jokes ever!

A Song for Dad.JPG

In Memory of John Dufour

Amherstburg, Ontario

My dad passed away very unexpectedly last week and our family is heartbroken! The day after he passed, my mom, two brothers and I sat around the dining room table to make the the arrangements. I heard a cardinal outside and told my brother. Ten minutes later I had to run out to my car for something. While walking back toward the house, I noticed a red cardinal in a tree, and he was singing. He appeared to be looking directly at me. I have always been able to imitate the cardinal call, so I whistled back, and the cardinal immediately responded! I sat down on our porch and we continued to call out to each other for several minutes.

I have been sleeping in my dad’s garage since he passed because that is where I felt the closest to him. One early morning I woke up and went from the garage into our home for a few minutes. I walked outside headed back toward the garage and noticed it was such a beautiful morning. I looked up at our neighbor’s house antenna and there was a bright red cardinal singing to me. While whistling back to him, I was thinking how exhausted I was, but did not want to leave until he left. A few seconds later, he flew away and I truly felt like it was my dad saying, “Honey, go get some rest!”

The following morning, my fiancé and I woke up exhausted as we did not sleep at all during the night. Around 7 am, we went outside with the trash. I looked up and saw two cardinals on the same antenna, to which I exclaimed, “See! See! It’s my dad!”

I felt such a strong connection with these beautiful birds. I have always heard about red cardinals and their connection with our loved ones who have passed, but never fully believed it until now. My dad was the best man who ever lived. He was strong, smart, funny and incredibly giving! His heart was just too good for this world. I will look for cardinals every day and will sing a very special song to them … for my dad.

A Special Wave.jpg

In Memory of Mary Lou Hughes

Branson, Mississippi

Red cardinals have become my favorite animal after losing my mother over a year ago.

On the day of my mother’s memorial, I had been working on what to say and hoping I would do her justice for her kind and generous heart. While backing out of my driveway headed for the memorial, I saw the most beautiful redbird sitting on my fence. I locked eyes with the bird I swear it raised its left wing and waved to me! I broke down in tears. The moment I saw this majestic beauty, I knew instantly it was my mom's spirit. Something just came over me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my heart and I was one hundred percent certain. What made this even more special is at the time it happened I did not know red cardinals are embraced as visitors from Heaven!

A year later I was traveling through country roads in search of land for sale. While driving on a very narrow road with room for only one car, I had to stop as a red cardinal was sitting in the middle of the road looking directly at me! I glanced over and behind a tree covered in vines was a “FOR SALE” sign. I never would have seen the sign had my sweet spiritual cardinal not been there to point it out. I whispered "Thank you momma. You are so wonderful and loving and I miss you so much!" Tears followed with only a hint of sadness because I know she is so happy now in Heaven.

There have been so many occasions when I am working on something and a cardinal will appear. The other day I was at Walmart and pulled out a buggy to use, looked down inside the basket and there was a cardinal calendar!

I still miss my mom a lot, but I smile now for every cardinal as they are my one true solace.

A Thankful Cardinal.JPG

In Memory of Frederick John Caro, Sr.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

My dad passed away on April 27th seven years ago; exactly one week after we had celebrated his 75th birthday. I think about him a lot during the month of April; so many memories.

One of my favorite memories of my dad is the Thanksgiving he spent with my family at our home.  He and I were going to prepare the traditional feast for everyone.  I remember he did almost everything, only stopping to ask me for a sharp knife, a big bowl, a cutting board….

He shared his (from-his-head) recipe for stuffing as he made it.  (It really was the best stuffing.)  And then he went outside and returned with a pumpkin he had brought with him from his home.  He noticed my puzzled look and said with humor, “Just wait and see what I’m going to do.  This is going to be soooo good!” He took a carving knife and cut the top off the pumpkin, just as one would do when carving a pumpkin at Halloween.  Then he cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin, wiped it out, and put his stuffing into the pumpkin!  His stuffing-filled pumpkin went into the oven to heat through.  The stuffing was delicious; its presentation unique and perfect.  I still smile when I think about my dad and me cooking together on my very favorite holiday.

The first Thanksgiving after my dad died, I was excited and proud to remember his famous stuffing and the “pumpkin bowl” he invented.  I decided to repeat his tradition.  I stood at my kitchen counter, cleaning out the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin I had carefully selected for this purpose. So many thoughts and memories of my dad were going through my head.  At one point I looked up from my task and glanced out my kitchen window.  At once, a beautiful cardinal landed on my bird feeder, stood there majestically, and just stared at me.  I began to cry.  I knew the special story about cardinals, and I was emotionally in awe of the fact that the cardinal appeared as I was thinking about my dad and continuing his stuffing-in-a-pumpkin bowl tradition.  I cried for a moment ... and then I smiled.

Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday. I will continue to make my dad’s stuffing, serve it in a pumpkin bowl ... and look for my cardinal.

A Thanksgiving Blessing.jpg

In Memory of My Mother

Auburn, Maine

I have been blessed by the comfort from "my" red cardinal quite often and truly believe it is my special angel helping me find the courage and strength to carry on.

I traveled a very difficult journey with my Mom through her illness for eight years. At times they were difficult, but it mostly felt like our gift to one another. We helped each other while I encouraged my Mom throughout her health issues. She was such a character, loved her family very much and was continuously here for us.

My Mom ALWAYS prepared Thanksgiving Dinner for our family. I knew the first Thanksgiving after she passed would be difficult for me, but I was determined to be strong and keep our family together! The big turkey was in the oven, the table was set with Mom's beautiful china and of course the veggies were cooking as well. I glanced out the sliding glass door in our kitchen and right there sitting on our deck was the MOST BEAUTIFUL RED CARDINAL looking right at me as if to say, "Mom is watching and I am alright!" Mom KNEW I needed her support and encouragement. Our turkey was delicious, the gravy was not quite as good as my Mom's, but our family was TOGETHER and that is what was important to both of us.

That was the first of my many visits from my little red angel. My son in law was in the kitchen on that Thanksgiving Day and he too was a bit overwhelmed as we talked to our little red cardinal!

I do BELIEVE in the beauty of our love shared and will cherish the visits from my little red bird always. Love never dies.

A Warm Heart.JPG

In Memory of Don Bogan

Noblesville, Indiana

My stepdad passed away 2 ½ years ago. He had worked in HVAC before retiring so my mom and I learned a few things about it.

My furnace stopped working this winter, so I had to call an HVAC company for help. A technician arrived to assess the problem and provide an estimate. As I welcomed him into our home, I noticed a gorgeous red cardinal sitting in a tree right outside my front door. While the technician was looking at my furnace, I mentioned that my stepdad had worked in HVAC for many years. He turned around and asked me if his name was Don. I nodded and smiled while thinking about the red cardinal in my tree.

Although my furnace was not keeping me warm that winter, the presence of my stepdad’s spirit certainly warmed my heart.

A Wing Ring.JPG

In Memory of Bettye Marie Dudley

Herndon, Virginia

We were away on vacation recently and thanks to our security system Ring, we received a live video alert whenever a visitor was at our front door.

For three straight days during our vacation, we received an early morning alert. We viewed each video and were surprised to see the same visitor each day … a bright red cardinal!

More than likely, this has been happening for a much longer period as after returning from our vacation, my husband stopped checking the early morning alert videos.

While some may view this as a strange occurrence, I disagree. My beautiful mother passed away on December 23, 2014 and I think she is sending me messages right to my front door … a wing ring!

Ally's Cardinal.JPG

In Memory of Carol Wilder

Arlington, Virginia

I had the most wonderful Cardinal Experience early in the morning after letting my dogs outside. While waiting for them on my front porch, I could hear a cardinal chirping but was unable to see it. I finally spotted the female cardinal of a pair that reside in my yard. She was off in the distance and hiding in one of the evergreen trees along my driveway.

I began chirping back to her and held out my hand in her direction to see if she would fly to me, hoping she might even land on my finger. She did not, but she continued chirping away and looking toward my direction.

After my dogs joined me on the porch, I scooped up Ally and held her facing the cardinal so they could see each other. Ally was my mom’s dog, and she joined our family after my mom passed away about a year and a half ago. I pointed at the cardinal and told Ally that mom was visiting us. Suddenly, the cardinal flew across the driveway and landed in the tree directly in front of us! She was just a few feet away and at eye level. She was hopping around and chirping for several minutes before flying away.

I’m not quite sure what Ally thought, but it certainly made my day!

Baby Blessings.jpg

In Memory of Junior Loughead

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

My dad passed away on February 7, 2019 and the weekend before his funeral, my mom and I were at home, not feeling up to even going to church. My dad always saw deer while sitting on their back deck. My mom and I went outside to sit, and I silently wondered if my dad would find a way to show us his deer.

He did not. Instead, he sent us at least six male and female cardinals! We sat and watched them for a very long time. My mom said she had never seen that many cardinals together at one time.

Ever since my father passed, I have had cardinals nesting in my backyard. This summer alone, we have been blessed with six beautiful cardinal babies. Fortunately, we have been able to watch the nest from afar and observe every stage from the baby cardinals hatching to when they left the nest and learned to fly. I have many photographs of the babies as nestlings, fledglings as well as their incredible parents!

I believe my dad sending these wonderful cardinals to let me know he is still around and watching over me!

I miss you and love you, Dad!

Believe for Comfort.JPG

In Memory of Dave Fogerty

Imlay City, Almont and Sterling, Michigan

My father passed away on July 19, 2019 and before even receiving word of his passing, I saw a bold red cardinal in one of my trees. Over the past 2 ½ weeks, I saw a red cardinal on two separate occasions resting on the railing of my deck. Two days earlier at my sister-in-law’s house, a beautiful red cardinal was sitting on her fence. This morning, I saw another red cardinal resting in one of my trees.

I am a typically a very skeptical person, but not anymore. I have never actually believed in something so much and it is so comforting!

Canasta Cardinal.jpg

In Memory of Dorothy Booth

Charles City, Virginia

For years my mom has been telling me she had asked her mom to send a cardinal when she got to Heaven. My aunt also asked her to send a sign. They knew she would be in Heaven but still desired a message from her. I believe this was because the three of them have always been so incredibly close.

On January 20, 2019, I experienced the most amazing event at my aunt and uncle’s house in Virginia. My daughter and I stayed with them while in town for my grandma’s Celebration of Life service after she went to be with the Lord on January 9.

My daughter, parents, aunt, uncle and I were sitting around the dining room table yesterday playing Canasta, my grandma’s favorite card game. Suddenly, we heard a loud thud against the kitchen window. My aunt and uncle went outside to investigate. My aunt came back in and said they did not see anything. A couple minutes later my uncle came in carefully holding a red cardinal in his hands! He had hit the kitchen window and was completely stunned. We were in complete awe. This was a sign from Heaven above to let us know that my grandma was there, safe and happy! The cardinal remained inside for several minutes while we each petted it very gently. My mom and aunt both held the cardinal, which was incredibly emotional for all of us.

After a few minutes we carried the cardinal outside, hoping he had recovered and would fly away. My aunt held him in her hands and was encouraging him to fly, but it kept holding on to her and then hopped onto my mom. For nearly eight minutes, they stood there holding the cardinal, which was also holding onto them. They decided to place him onto a tree branch, where he sat for a minute and then flew off into the sky!

I cannot adequately describe the way this beautiful event made us feel. I will never experience anything like this again in my entire life. I was in the presence of a miracle.

Just a few hours earlier, my mom and I had been talking about the cardinal sign she requested from her mother. She asked God to make it happen in an unimaginable way. In her mind, she thought it would occur near our home in California, as we do not see cardinals there. The Lord answered the prayers of my mom and aunt and did so in a way where there is no doubt whatsoever it was a sign from my grandmother to her sweet, caring, beloved daughters.

Paul says in Ephesians 3, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

The Lord went so far and above the prayer requests of His two precious daughters. He sent the sign and literally placed it into their hands. The Lord’s kindness and goodness, His comfort, His peace, and His glory surrounded us on this day, and we will cherish it forever. There are no words.

Cardinals of Love and Signs from Above.JPG

In Memory of Mary Emma McCraw

Melville, New York

On March 22, 2008, a little red bird flew to my side during the darkest moment of my life – I had just received the news that my sister Mary had lost her life. I was standing outside in the breezeway of my home, lost in grief when a beautiful red cardinal landed on the shrub in front of me. He took my breath away; he was such a vibrant sight. For a moment, my pain disappeared. The very next day I flew to Texas to prepare for my beautiful sister’s wake. As I was driving down the main road to the funeral home I couldn't believe what was flying right next to me. Not one, but two beautiful red cardinals, racing me to the home. The little red bird was just the beginning to the many signs and synchronicities that showed me that there is more after this life and there is more all around us.

A few months later, I started a blog titled in honor of my sister Mary because she was an AMAZING light of love. Her light shined wherever she was our entire life. I was three years older and felt blessed to be viewed as her star. I loved that she often called me her Silly Sis. She loved you before she knew you – it was in her DNA. In the early stages of blogging to my Mary, amazing things started happening. Signs were EVERYWHERE. I documented each amazing occurrence one by one and my faith grew as these confirmations revealed my sister was still with me. My grief lessened and hope prevailed. My little red bird kept appearing at crazy places and special times (along with making a home in my backyard), making her appearance to me along with fun synchronicities! I giggle just thinking about her.

I am alright today but feel sad at times when missing her physical presence, her amazing Mary smile that lit up every room she entered, and the loving energy she always radiated to everyone in her contact. Sharing my Mary's story has given so many people hope, so I will continue to cherish her memories and share her signs of love to help others heal from their loss too. Also, with a soft nudge from above, Little Red Bird Chirps was born on Facebook. It is a comforting place to visit that confirms what the little red bird is – a sign from above!  

Grateful, loyal and blessed to call Mary my sister.

Daily Blessings.JPG

In Memory of Sandra L. Glover

Knoxville, Tennessee

I currently live in my parents' home in Knoxville, Tennessee. My Mother died in 1982 and Father died in 1998. Both parents loved seeing the cardinal family that lived in a bush right outside my bedroom window. They built several nests and raised numerous baby birds over the years. Perhaps I took this cardinal family for granted as I did not realize cardinals are known to mate for life.

On October 8th in 2018, my best friend Sandy passed away. I miss her terribly as we talked at least once a day, every day, for multiple years. One day a beautiful female cardinal landed on my windowsill. With tears in my eyes, I said, "Sandy!" The cardinal remained there for several minutes and stared at me as if she wanted to talk. I have been blessed by this moment repeatedly, as she visits me every morning and throughout the day, just as I had stayed in contact with my best friend Sandy!

Double the Love.jpg

In Memory of Mary Jane Klaybor

South Bend, Indiana

My Mom passed away on August 12, 2018. The one-year anniversary of her passing is approaching, which has led me to think about the many stories I’ve read on the Caring Cardinals™ website where folks have asked their loved ones for a "sign". I know that my mom is always with me, but I also asked her to show me something … anything … so that I would know for sure. A few days went by, and as I was looking outside, a red cardinal landed on a branch that was extremely close to the window. A few seconds later, another cardinal landed right beside the first one. These were the most vibrant red cardinals I had ever seen. There are many mothers who try to double the love for their children and this moment was no exception. My heart smiled as I simply said, Thank you, Mom!

Feathered Blessings.jpg

In Memory of Carol Wilder

Arlington, Virginia

My mom passed away in September 2017. In June of this year, about a month before what would have been her 79th birthday, I noticed a pair of cardinals in my yard for the very first time. They seemed to go out of their way to make me notice them. Separately, my sister had also started noticing the cardinals, but neither of us mentioned it to the other until one day when we saw the male cardinal at the same time. We both said aloud, “I think that’s mom.”

At that point we had not ever heard about the spiritual connection of these magnificent creatures. I wanted to get cookies decorated like cardinals for my mom’s birthday celebration. While trying to find cardinal cookies online, I learned about the special meaning of red cardinals.

Not long after my mom’s birthday, I was leaving the house and the male cardinal flew down my driveway and landed right in front of me before I entered my car. I was able to snap a couple of photos before he flew away.

As I backed down my driveway, I noticed a feather on the lower part of my windshield. As I started driving, the feather made its way to the middle of my windshield. It stayed there throughout my drive and I snapped some photos along the way. It was about a three-mile drive. When I got to where I was going, the feather was still there. Of course, I kept it.

The next day while I was cleaning my garage, the male cardinal stopped by and chirped away. After he left, I was walking on my driveway and I dropped what I was holding. When I bent down to pick it up, I found another feather. Once again, I kept it.

This September my sister and I had a celebration of life for our mom in Hawaii, a very special place for her throughout her life. We had two biodegradable sea turtle urns that we put some of her ashes in, along with one feather in each, and released them at sea. On the morning of the celebration, a red cardinal came to visit. It was the first time I had ever seen one in Hawaii. Throughout the rest of my time in Hawaii, I spotted several more. Cardinal visits are a true blessing!

God and My Daddy.jpg

In Memory of Eddie A. DeFriend

Bossier City, Louisiana

It was a very rainy day in April 2017 when my Daddy passed. My husband, sister and I had been visiting with him all day at the hospital and left around 5:30 in the evening. The hospital’s front entrance featured a half circle drive that was completely covered with a large awning. As we exited the front door, I silently asked God to give me a sign so I would know that he had come and taken my sweet Daddy home.

While standing quietly out front, we just stared at each other with extreme sadness and grief. Suddenly, two beautiful red cardinals flew side by side under the awning and directly in front of us! It was the most extraordinarily peaceful and reassuring blessing I could have ever imagined!

I know there is a God. He held our hands and warmed our hearts on this very special day. I still see red cardinals in my backyard often, and sometimes it is even two males together. In my heart and mind … I know it is God and my Daddy checking in on me.

Grateful for Grams FINAL.jpg

In Memory of Aletha

Horseheads, New York

My beautiful Grams passed away in 2013. Several years went by without a dream or a sign to let me know she was still with me. I repeatedly told my family that she would love for us to all be together at my home. I reminded them how much she really enjoyed being present when there was any type of family “action.” My Grams was the “glue” that held us together, so it has been very difficult for our family to reunite in one place since her passing.

In 2017, we were finally all together to celebrate Easter, and it was the first time since her funeral. At one point during the day, my mother noticed a beautiful red cardinal outside. The redbird was repeatedly landing on my husband’s truck and looking directly into our home. This was our sign and my entire family was so excited!

Easter Sunday is a truly meaningful day, but now even more special to my family because we received this incredible sign I had been longing for. This was the most special holiday ever because my Grams let us know she is still with us!

Grateful Garden.JPG

In Memory of John Selkirk Bryce

Warkworth, Ontario

My father-in-law passed away on October 30, 2018. In spring the following year, my husband and I planted a memorial garden in his memory. We planted several of his favorite shrubs and flowers. We also added a bench so that my mother-in-law or my husband and I can sit and share memories or sit quietly and think about this man who was incredibly wise, giving and deeply loved by his family and friends.

Each time I sit in our memorial garden, without failure a stunning red cardinal appears.
I also always hear their beautiful song within the wooded area nearby. I always give thanks for this glorious sign! It brings me tremendous comfort, as it lets me know that my father-in-law is sending his love whenever we are thinking about him in our “Grateful Garden.”

I Believe.JPG

In Memory of Salim B.

Howell, New Jersey

My husband passed away in February and shortly after his death, my little red cardinal friend began to stop by the house every morning. I explained to my 10-year old son that he was a visitor from Heaven and that he will be there whenever he needed him. I saw the little redbird every day for quite a while. One day a Baltimore Oriole appeared and after that, I was no longer seeing the red cardinal. My son however, continued to see the vibrant redbird every single day. I researched the spiritual symbolism of Baltimore Orioles and discovered they are a sign representing that even though you are going through the hardest part of your life — the worst is over. I am a firm believer that birds speak to us in ways that no one else can!

Leid to Rest.jpg

In Memory of Carol Wilder

Oahu, Hawaii

My sister and I held a special Celebration of Life for our mom on the North Shore of Oahu on the one-year anniversary of her passing. The reason for that location was because our mom went to high school and college in Honolulu. She also visited Hawaii on a regular basis throughout her life to visit her best friend and a small group of very close friends. On the day of the celebration we gathered together with family and friends to celebrate our beautiful mom.

On the morning of my mom’s celebration, I was enjoying a peacefully quiet moment alone outside when a red northern cardinal landed on the ground below my balcony. This set the tone for what turned out to be a beautiful and joyous occasion later that day.

With everyone gathered together, we scattered Orchid petals into the ocean and set free two biodegradable sea turtles that were filled with cardinal feathers I had found near my home. A pregnant woman and her three children were nearby enjoying themselves while also respectfully observing our celebration. Suddenly we noticed the mother and her children leaving the beach in a rush, so we asked her if everything was okay. We quickly learned that she had just gone into labor and was heading to the hospital! Everyone in our group clapped and cheered as we continued to celebrate the passing of my mom’s life and now the beginning of another. This was a truly touching moment that reflected the Circle of Life.

A few days later, I went to Maui with my sister and two of our best friends. During the first morning there, I was relaxing in our condo and enjoying our breathtaking ocean view. Out of nowhere, a vibrant red cardinal landed on our balcony railing and remained there long enough for me to capture his photograph! The following morning, a female cardinal stopped by and stayed long enough for me to snap her photo as well.

These blessed experiences occurred at a time when I needed them most. I know in my heart it was my mom letting me know she was alright and that we celebrated her life in a truly special and loving way.

Little Red Feather.JPG

In Memory of Michael Turo

Ithaca, New York

Two years this July, I lost my wonderful father. He raised me, so I took it very hard. At the beginning of autumn following the one-year anniversary of his death, many memories of my dad flooded into my mind. Fall is hunting season in our area. The smell of the fresh air, strong coffee and crisp leaves made my heart ache for his presence. I had always felt that a sign from him would ease my pain. One day I was walking my kids to the bus stop, and while approaching my car, I spotted what appeared to be a tiny leaf stuck to the driver’s side window. While leaning in to remove it, I discovered it was the smallest red cardinal feather I had ever encountered! My heart swelled instantly as it felt like a true sign from my daddy letting me know he was with me. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. The feather will always remain with me in a crystal jewelry box engraved with my name on the silver lid … a gift from my father.

My Cardinal Call.JPG

In Memory of My Mother, Father and Aunt

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Several years ago, I experienced three great losses within a period of only 15 months. The first was my mother who passed just 10 days before Christmas in 2006. Then, I lost a very dear aunt in October of 2007. Easter Day in 2008 my father passed away. Needless to say. my grief was overwhelming.

My father loved cardinals which appeared often in his yard. Not long after his death, we began to see several cardinals in our yard. Shortly thereafter we moved across the state. My grief was extreme, and it continued until a vibrant red cardinal started to appear regularly near our home. I would hear his call and felt as if he was calling for me to look out the window, and I did. He would sit on his perch and stare directly at me through the window.

I decided to learn the call of the cardinal. While outside, I call for him and he calls back from a distance. Eventually he flies toward my direction and lands on a tree branch directly above my head. We continue calling back and forth for several minutes each day.

I believe it is my dad, mom and perhaps other family members who have passed on and were reaching out to me with their love and support until my grief had passed. I always feel so blessed when calling back and forth with this gorgeous red cardinal, and it has most certainly peaked my belief in the afterlife!

My Caring Cardinal.JPG

In Memory of Dan Triezenberg

Orland Park, Illinois

I live in a condominium and always hear the birds chirping and singing, but never see them. My dear friend Kim created a bright and beautiful flower garden on my balcony for comfort while my son Dan was dying from Cancer.

One day while looking outside, I saw a gorgeous red cardinal resting on a bush near my balcony. He looked directly at me and then flew away. I felt it was a sign from God that Dan was going to Heaven soon, and it gave me such an overwhelming sense of peace. On this very same day although in Florida, my friend’s daughter had a red cardinal fly into her office building! He also looked directly at her and then flew away. This was yet another special message from the Lord that my son would soon be in Heaven.

Just two days later, my son lost his battle with Cancer.

I think of Dan often and miss his presence, but my caring cardinal has provided me with peace and comfort that will never leave my heart.

My Father's Flock.jpg

In Memory of Roman Vos

Butner, North Carolina

On May 15, 2016, my dear father passed away at four in the morning from Lung Cancer. During that morning, the hospice nurse was there and shortly afterwards he was transported to the funeral home for cremation.

Later in the afternoon, a flock of cardinals rested on a tree in the front of our home. They were there just momentarily, but of course their presence did not go unnoticed. There were several cardinals, just too many to count. I had never witnessed this before myself but heard others describe the very same thing. It was such a special and beautiful moment.

My father was quite the bird enthusiast, so I believe his memory was being honored by the cardinals or he was telling us through them that he was alright, and we should carry on as usual.

My Son Will Always Shine.JPG

In Memory of Ryan David Ervin

Durant, Oklahoma

One day in the early afternoon, I walked into our backyard to refill our bird feeder. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so brightly. While walking toward the bird feeder, I observed a bird resting on the grass. Once closer, I discovered it was a beautiful red cardinal. It did not move or fly away, so I carefully picked him up to make sure he was not injured. My husband captured a photograph because I felt nobody would believe I had an opportunity to hold a northern cardinal. I gently placed the cardinal back down onto the grass and sat down next to him. He remained just a few inches away from my feet for the next 40 minutes before flying off into the bright blue sky.

Red cardinals are very special to me because nineteen years ago, I lost my son when he was only eight years old. He had made a birdhouse out of a milk jug, and a male cardinal was the first bird to land inside of it.

This was the most magical blessing I have ever experienced. I believe this was my son letting me know that everything was going to be alright and he will always be with me.

Our World Includes Heaven.JPG

In Memory of Barbara Ellen Johnson

Jackson, Mississippi

Many people believe that a red cardinal symbolizes a loved one who has passed away. Some also believe when you see one, you are being visited by your loved one in Heaven. My Mom would say this quite often, but I never realized just how serious she was about her beliefs. She would often see a red cardinal and tell me it was her mother whom we called “Grandmere.”

After my Mom passed away in March of 2016, I naturally looked for red cardinals in our yard. I saw several, but they did not make me feel any better. A few days after her passing, my wife and I arrived home after attending church. As we entered through our front door, a bold red cardinal flew inside our home as well! Several minutes later, my wife was able to capture the beautiful little redbird. We captured a photograph and quickly released him outside. I cannot remember a bird entering our home before this.

I never claimed to understand the world, but it certainly looks far different to me now and I sleep much better at night.

Rosie Redbird.jpg

In Memory of Rose Pizzitola

Canyon Lake, Texas

One week after my sister Rose passed away, my son and his family came to visit for comfort. My six-year old granddaughter was up early one morning enjoying her breakfast while I drank my coffee. The rest of our family was still asleep. Suddenly in a surprised and startling voice, my granddaughter said, “Grandma — There’s a redbird on the rail!” Resting on the handrail of my deck was a bright red cardinal. I replied, “Yes, that is Aunt Rosie letting us know that she is in Heaven; she is alright, and she is happy.”

A little while later her mother woke up and joined us. My granddaughter jumped up from her chair and exclaimed, “Mommy — Aunt Rosie was here!” Her mother looked at me with a bewildered expression on her face. I quickly explained that my sister Rose had sent a red cardinal as a messenger to let me know she was safe, happy and in Heaven.

Every single day for the next week, a vibrant redbird sat in a tree next to my deck. It was seldom that I had seen a red cardinal before that time. Rose loved to sit inside and watch the birds through windows. She also had a wonderful book about birds and enjoyed looking at it often. It was only fitting that she would send a red cardinal to let me know she was alright. I miss her so much but love when she sends me a Rosie Redbird!


In Memory of Marlene Trudy Scheid

Cincinnati, Ohio

In April of 2012, my Mom was diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer and unfortunately, lost her battle on July 14th that same year. As my Mom’s health was failing, we started to see a red cardinal in her backyard almost every time we looked outside. My Mom was convinced it was her brother, my Uncle Jack, who had passed away eight years prior. She believed it was his spirit visiting to comfort her and to also bring her home. This was the first time I learned about what red cardinals symbolize.

After my Mom passed away, the spiritual symbolism of red cardinals was confirmed many times and I learned it is both magical and real. I believe it wholeheartedly, because I have been blessed by red cardinals daily since my Mom’s passing. No matter where I am, a little red cardinal appears, such as in my yard, at the park, at a ballgame and even flying in front of my car as I drive down the street. I know it is her and just can't help but smile each time and say, "Hi Mom."

In April of 2018, my son and daughter-in-law blessed us with our first grandchild, Hannah Paige. I was at my son's house visiting one day shortly after Hannah was born. We walked across the street to show her to their neighbors. As we stood on their porch, I glanced at my son's yard and then told him to look on his fence. What was there? A red cardinal. I then said, "Grandma came to see Hannah too." Seconds later, the cardinal flew across the street into the neighbor’s yard and landed in a tree not more than ten feet from us. All we could do was smile at each other.

In February of 2019, my daughter and son-in-law gifted us with our second grandchild, this time a boy, Colton Jack. The moment my daughter became pregnant, she saw red cardinals in her back yard daily. Colton was born two months premature and after he was brought home, a red cardinal began to visit daily. The cardinal rested under the awning of their back patio, perched just a few feet from their kitchen window. I told my daughter the red cardinal is her Grandma and she is watching over her and Colton. She feels the very same way.

The presence of this red cardinal has been so comforting and is a gift we hold in our hearts, not our hands. There is no other explanation for why a red cardinal visited us during these special moments. We look forward to more unexpected visits from our little red friend and each time … we will smile.

Special Signs.JPG

In Memory of Norman Gregor, Jr.

Waterford, Michigan

When my dad was in the process of passing, my brother said to him, “Send us lots of signs, dad.” I didn’t really think about it until a stunning red cardinal landed outside one of our house windows and stared directly inside at my son. We remained quiet and stared back at the cardinal before he flew away. My dad loved my son SO MUCH and they were very close. I believe with all my heart this cardinal was my dad.

We see signs from red cardinals constantly now and I always feel my dad’s presence. The ironic thing is the cardinals fly away before I can capture their photograph, which really makes me laugh because my dad did not enjoy having his photograph taken either.

I miss my dad so much, but these special signs are such a blessing and they continue to carry me through each day.

The Best Nest.JPG

In Memory of John Beckman and Al Beckman

Denison, Texas

Next month will be a year since my baby brother passed away at the young age of 39. A few weeks ago, we noticed a bird’s nest was built in a Christmas Cactus which hangs outside our front window. After taking a closer look, we discovered it belongs to a cardinal pair and there are two cardinal nestlings inside. The irony is that my brother is the father of two young boys. Without a doubt, this is the best nest!

The Cardinal Cottage.JPG

In Memory of My Daughter

Tallapoosa, Georgia

My daughter passed away in March of 2016. There was no comfort for me until one day I was sitting by my window and a little red bird appeared. He was so beautiful, and I always considered male northern cardinals as strikingly beautiful, but never more so than the day he first appeared right outside my window. Cardinals appear in my yard every day now, and naturally they are always welcome! I named my house The Cardinal Cottage after this little red bird that brings me so much comfort. I truly believe he is a messenger from Heaven!

The Gift of Inner Peace.JPG

In Memory of My Parents

Scranton, Pennsylvania

My Mom passed away Good Friday, April 3, 2015. She was 93 years old and in wonderful health up until just two days before she passed. My Dad died many years ago at the age of 61 from cancer. Throughout the years I had conversations with my Mom every single day. She lived very close to us, so my sons would visit her almost daily. My Mom’s grandchildren loved her tremendously and she truly adored them all.

The day following my Mom’s death, I was staring out my kitchen window watching several birds land upon my feeder. Thoughts of everything I could remember about my Mom were swirling through my head. My heart was broken; I felt completely lost and was thinking “How on earth could I go on without her in my life?” Suddenly, two cardinals appeared at the feeder … a male and female. I had never seen this cardinal pair near my home and now they visit me every day! Without a doubt, I know my Mom and Dad are watching over us. These cardinals give me such genuine peace whenever I see them.

Cardinals are a true blessing for anyone who has experienced the loss of someone special. Every Christmas since my Mom passed, I give each of my guests a cardinal ornament to take home and place on their Christmas tree to remember their loved ones who are no longer with us. It feels good to give the gift of inner peace.

Winter Blessings.JPG

In Memory of Anna Mainous and Elsa Colley

Bloomfield, Michigan

When my mother passed away some years ago, I was in complete shock. She had been in a coma for three days after suffering a stroke. I went to the hospital and after sitting at my mother’s bedside, her eyes opened, and she said “Hi”. Just one hour later, she made her transition.

I went with other family members back to my parent’s home. It was a very cold and snow-covered day in February. I had never felt so alone before. I sat at large window looking outside. A snow-covered baron was in their backyard, hiding my mother’s beautiful, colorful flower garden that blooms every spring. Suddenly a bright red cardinal appeared against the background of the white glistening snow. A message was made very clear to me in that moment. It was God telling me “All is well” and “Death in not Real.”

Two years later my Aunt passed away and I experienced yet another incredible moment. I was sitting at the same spot in my parent’s home while looking out the window at the snow-covered ground. Seconds later, a beautiful red cardinal “limped” up toward me. The ironic beauty of this is that my Aunt had been confined to a wheelchair.

Red cardinals bring us healing messages from God. I have no doubts that this is the truth.